MLP is focused on providing sound financial advice and the highest level of service.

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Tax Services

Tax considerations play a key role in every financial move you make. MLP offers consulting, tax planning and tax preparation for individuals and small businesses.

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Wealth Management

Preserving your assets requires comprehensive strategic planning. Relying on consistent and effective guidance can be very beneficial as you strive to meet your financial goals.

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Other Services

MLP truly caters to its clients.

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How to choose a finacial Advisor:

Choosing the right financial advisor is a huge decision. Therefore if you are selecting, changing, or considering changing your financial advisor you want the following:

  • An advisor that is professional, knowledgeable, and experienced in a wide range of services.
  • An advisor that puts your interests first, provides personal attention, excellent service, and is easily accessible to answer all your investment related questions.
  • An advisor that takes the time to understand your financial situation and provide services based on your situation, while providing avenues to reach your desired goals and objectives.
  • An advisor that provides detailed easy to understand methods for reaching your financial goals on time and within your means.
  • An advisor that has the ability to reduce day to day financial worries regarding issues such as maintaining a current lifestyle, now and after retirement, and funding your child’s education.


1. What can MLP Tax & Financial Services, Inc. do for me that others can’t?
MLP offers you a multitude of financial planning and management services under one roof. Our financial planning services are designed to meet such objectives as asset accumulation, capital preservation, retirement income, tax reduction, estate planning, and insurance protection. All financial planning and management services are offered through Securities America Advisors, Inc.

2. What kind of attention can I expect from MLP?
At MLP we believe in maintaining a personal relationship with our clients and fulfill their needs with personal attention. As an independent company, we know you by name, not by account number and we do our best to provide you with the information needed in a timely manner.

3. How much does an initial consultation with an MLP representative cost?
The initial financial consultation is generally free; however, subsequent services are provided for a flat fee, or based on an hourly rate.

4. Why should I have MLP manage my retirement and or investments when I can do it myself?
When you work with MLP you are working with industry professionals whose focus is to help you optimize your financial goals. With MLP servicing your needs, you get a comprehensive financial plan that caters specifically to your needs and financial objectives,designed to help you meet your short-term objectives and long-term goals. Additionally, MLP’s financial advisors are constantly researching new products and investment opportunities that most personal investors do not have the time to properly research. Last and most importantly, having MLP manage your portfolio can help to free up your time and allow you to enjoy the life you’re working hard to preserve.

5. Are MLP’s wealth management services charged on a fee based or commission based schedule? MLP prefers to put all of our clients on a commission based service which allows us to meet our client’s specific needs before charging them for a service. This allows our clients to part ways, with no restrictions, if they are not happy with our services. In addition since there are no up front fees, 100% of your initial investment goes towards your investment goals. Costs and expenses are disclosed to you before any work is performed or transactions conducted.

6. Does MLP have customer service representatives available at all hours?
Unfortunately MLP does not have 24/7 service, but we do strive to provide high quality services for all our clients and we are readily accessible during normal business hours. (8am – 5pm M-F, PST). If you are calling after hours, MLP has a mandatory call back policy that requires a response within 48hrs. In most cases, an MLP representative will be in contact within hours.

7. Does MLP offer prior year tax return review?
Yes, it is standard practice during your initial consultation meeting that our tax professionals will review and recommend any changes necessary to prior year returns.

8. How can MLP reduce my taxes next year?
Our tax experts will review your past year’s returns and do everything in our means to provide you with sound advice as well as detailed information on minimizing your taxes. There is no guarantee that we can reduce the amount of taxes you’re paying, but we can make sure that you are in line with governmental guidelines so you do not find yourself in trouble down the road.

9. My assets are managed by MLP. How often will I be updated on my investments and new products?
As an investment client, you will receive asset summary reports and sales material upon request and annually unless otherwise requested. Whenever appropriate, an MLP representative may contact you via a personal phone call or letter to update or advise you on current market trends, products or additional services new to MLP.

10. Does MLP have sales quotas or solicitation requirements for its sales staff?
MLP is not a telemarketing based firm, and our sales staff is not tied to specific financial requirements. Therefore our recommendations are unbiased and we work only for you and your specific interests.

11. Do you accept all clients?
No matter the size of your account, if we don’t believe we can meet your expectations, we will decline your offer to become a client. To determine if your needs match our expertise, call our office to schedule your complimentary initial consultation. It’s your money, your future, and your move.

To schedule a consultation, please contact us via email at or via telephone at 408-453-2005.